How to Use Beer to Get Rid of Pests

Although there is a wide range of chemical-based pesticides to choose from in your local DIY store, applied too heavily these will damage your home and garden, or even pose a risk to surrounding wildlife. Applying pesticides too sparsely won’t have the desired effect, so it’s best to leave pesticide use to the professionals, who […]

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Do Cats Keep Mice Away? – Pest Myths

Do Cats Keep Mice Away?

Inside the home, your family cat may be a cute and cuddly pet, but outdoors your cat’s natural instincts are likely to take over, allowing their tiger-like tendencies to shine through. Pet cats that are allowed to roam outside will be inclined to satisfy their inner predator – especially throughout their prime years – through […]

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Do All Moths Eat Clothing?

As a society, we hold a long-standing grudge against moths for their tendency to chew holes in our favourite clothes. You pack your thick knitted winter jumper away in the spring, but by next Christmas when you pull it back out for that familiar cosy comfort, it’s peppered with not-so-subtle signs of regular feasts. But […]

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All About Bird Free

When it comes to preventing birds from settling around a property, an effective solution needs to be long-lasting, easy to install and humane. Bird Free is a bird control product which ticks all of these boxes, and at ClearFirst Pest Control, we can install Bird Free gel to systematically deter birds from your building. But […]

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Do Fleas Die Without a Host?

  Having fleas infest your home can be a constant source of frustration. Your pet might be the one who’s suffering, but, unfortunately, as the responsible ones, we’ve got to deal with them when they do find their way inside. A flea will select a host and feed off it by consuming their blood – […]

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Can Cockroaches Survive a Nuclear Blast?

Can cockroaches survive a nuclear blast

Not only are cockroaches known for their nightmarish, scuttling demeanour and ugly appearance, they’re also one of the most resilient pests you can find. Even if you’ve never seen a cockroach up close before, you’ve probably heard the famous myth that they’re the only creature that can survive a nuclear blast. While this has done […]

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Do Mice Truly Love Cheese?

Do mice truly love cheese?

Mice and cheese make the perfect pair. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Tom & Jerry, you’ll probably think that as long as you’ve got some mature cheddar in the fridge you’re ready to handle any mice problem in your home. But is the mouse/cheese love affair as real as we’ve been lead to […]

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How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed Bug icon

If you’ve ever had a bed bug infestation then you’ll know how frustrating it is to cope with – and how difficult it can be to solve. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never want to deal with another one again. There are a few ways to help prevent bed bugs from gaining entry or establishing […]

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How to Humanely Capture Mice and Rats

Mouse icon

Rodents are a common pest that can be difficult to track down or remove from your home. Mouse and rat traps are designed to bait and capture these pests, and here at ClearFirst, we always aim to humanely deal with rodents in your home. If you’d like to try dealing with the odd rodent on […]

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How to Get Rid of Ants

how to get rid of ants

Ants become most active during the warm summer months. As they commence their search for a reliable food source, an ant colony could very well settle in or around your home. They are attracted to the plentiful supply of food and water available, and when a colony becomes established that creates ongoing frustration throughout the […]

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