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Do Cats Keep Mice Away? – Pest Myths

Inside the home, your family cat may be a cute and cuddly pet, but outdoors your cat’s natural instincts are likely to take over, allowing their tiger-like tendencies to shine through. Pet cats that are allowed to roam outside will be inclined to satisfy their inner predator – especially throughout their prime years – through the thrill of hunting. But is it true that cats keep mice away?

Do Cats Keep Mice Away?

Whether they’re partial to the odd bird, vole or mouse, it’s a handy method that’ll help to prevent pests from entering your home. That said, having a pet cat isn’t a surefire way to keep your home completely pest-free, not all cats are natural hunters and mice reproduce quickly, so if a rogue mouse were to enter your home without your cat noticing, it’s likely to become a problem.

How cats can deter mice from your home

Mice fear the smell of cats – If you have mice nearby and you have a pet cat, chances are the mice can smell their presence. Cats emit a chemical that deters mice away from your home, this chemical can be found in your pet’s saliva, which triggers the sensory organs inside a mouse and causes terror. Even if your cat is not a killing machine, they will be able to passively defend your home.

Cats see it as a game – From the first day we bring back our pet cat, we owners dangle string and other toys that resemble the shape and behaviour of a mouse, simply to get their attention and amuse them for a while. This helps us to create a bond with them through play, aiding mental stimulation and thus, combating potential boredom and anxiety. So as you can imagine, when your cat sees a live mouse, it’s likely to trigger their playful side and they will be tempted to catch it.

Cats will defend their home – Your fluffy friend will not want to share their home with mice, regardless of whether or not they’re natural hunters – it’s likely your cat will chase after them to get them to leave.

Why cats might not be the answer to your mice infestation

Some cats will take no notice of mice – That’s right, not all cats care about or wish to chase mice. Domestic cats are less inclined to catch mice because they should be well fed and watered regularly throughout the day and so, chasing and killing mice will only be enticing if they wish to play.

Your cat might catch one mouse but not an entire infestation – On average a mouse will produce up to 60 offsprings a year and these babies will begin to have their own at around 42 days old.

Your cat can’t get into the same spaces mice will – Mice can sneak into your basement, attic and small holes in your walls. Mice love these areas, too, which means it’s likely your cat will lose interest once the mouse is out of sight.

Your cat’s health – Mice can carry disease which puts your pet at risk of becoming ill, which is something you do not want to happen to your family pet. This can be unfair to your cat and can leave you with hefty vet bills.

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