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All About Bird Free

When it comes to preventing birds from settling around a property, an effective solution needs to be long-lasting, easy to install and humane. Bird Free is a bird control product which ticks all of these boxes, and at ClearFirst Pest Control, we can install Bird Free gel to systematically deter birds from your building. But what makes Bird Free so effective?

Let’s take a look.

What is Bird Free?

Bird free is a gel which comes in 8mm high dishes, which are placed in bird hot spots along your building – usually around chimneys, rooflines and atop walls. The gel itself is solid, so it doesn’t run or leak when installed on pitched surfaces – or even when installed upside down.

How does Bird Free work?

Bird Free is a humane, behaviourally focused bird control solution that takes advantage of the unique way in which a bird sees the world. Birds see ultraviolet light, so Bird Free manipulates UV light so that, to passing birds, the dishes resemble fire. This deters the birds from going anywhere near the gel, and removes the nuisance without harming the bird in any way.

What are the benefits of Bird Free?

Bird Free has a number of benefits which make it a fantastic bird control solution for any environment. Unlike spikes or barriers, Bird Free is unobtrusive and small; it can be placed out of sight so it doesn’t disrupt the image of the property – and thus, your business.

Bird Free is usually placed behind the lip or edge of the elevated surface – so it can’t be seen from below and only birds will be aware of its presence. This allows you to maintain a clean facade without having to constantly clean up mess from large flocks of pigeons or seagulls.

One of the most important benefits is that Bird Free is completely humane. The gel is non-toxic and only affects a bird’s behavior, instead of targeting them physically or trapping them. This is not only better for the birds, but it is also quicker than other forms of deterrent. Most birds will immediately notice the ‘fire effect’ and will look for somewhere else to land. More dominant birds might attempt to come back for a few days, but after this your premises will be entirely bird free.

What birds does Bird Free work on?

The most common avian pests in the UK are pigeons and seagulls. These species often congregate in populated urban spaces – particularly in city centres – where they can scavenge and protect their young from natural predators. Bird Free works on both pigeons and seagulls, as well as any other species of bird with ultraviolet vision. Most birds – save for nocturnal species such as owls – are sensitive to UV light, so you can be confident that Bird Free will work on any birds that are causing a nuisance around your property.

If youre having recurring bird trouble and need a fast, effective and humane way to get rid of them, contact ClearFirst Pest Control today. Operating across Derbyshire and the surrounding areas, we deliver a proactive approach to pest and bird control; our knowledgeable team will survey your premises and can install Bird Free strategically and without disruption in order to deter birds from congregating and nesting in your premises.


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