Bird Control

Having birds constantly gathering around your premises can not only drag down the beauty, reputation and appeal of your business, but they can also cause damage and bring a range of diseases to the property. At ClearFirst Pest Control, we utilise humane methods of bird control – including the use of Bird Free – to dissuade and remove pigeons, seagulls and more from your building.

Bird Free gel can be installed around roofs, chimneys and any place birds are regularly seen to congregate. Because birds see in ultraviolet light, Bird Free gel is able to use this to your advantage by mimicking the presence of fire, tricking any birds and deterring them from landing nearby. The gel is an unobtrusive and completely safe method of bird control, and can be installed on flat and pitched roofs with ease.

Both pigeons and seagulls can bring disarray to a premises. They can damage roof tiles, leave swathes of mess behind and can also transmit harmful diseases, including E.Coli, Salmonella and Psittacosis (also known as Ornithosis). For public premises and workplaces, effective bird control is key to ensuring a clean, welcoming and pleasant environment.

If you require prompt pigeon control services for your property, simply contact ClearFirst Pest Control today. Our team will survey your premises and work to remove and prevent bird infestations around the entire area, keeping your business clean and free from winged pests for good.