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Based on recent government advice and guidelines, here at ClearFirst we are taking all the relevant precautions to ensure our employees and customers are kept safe at all times.
All staff members are to self-isolate for 14 days if they begin to display symptoms and statutory pay will be given from the first day to avoid staff working throughout an illness.

We’ve put in place other safety measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus, such as:

  • Staff will refrain from getting paperwork signed by the customer to avoid contact
  • Staff will ask customers if they have known any cases or come into contact with people who have Coronavirus, and if people on site are displaying symptoms
  • Implementing social distancing, where needed, by staying 2 metres apart
  • Using phone communication whilst on-site if necessary
  • Card (customer or office to take payments over the phone, as field staff don’t need to handle cards, or use their phones) and BACs payments are both preferable (we will try and secure email confirmation regarding BACs payments)
  • We will advise customers that we will endeavour to resolve issues externally where possible
    ClearFirst offices will be deep-cleaned daily
  • Vans will not have contact with anyone from outside the business, and cleaning wipes are provided to drivers so they can disinfect their vehicle at the end of every working day
  • We have placed notices outside the offices, asking visitors to refrain from entering the offices
  • We have given staff gloves to be worn at all times during jobs, as well as sourcing masks and hand sanitiser to maintain hygiene levels
  • We have asked staff to keep social interaction to a minimum outside of work to reduce the risk of contraction

We will be monitoring the situation daily and keeping updated with advice from the government – making changes or restrictions as the situation develops.

Here at ClearFirst, we’ll make sure our staff and our customers are protected from possible infection, by taking every precaution the government advises. If you’d like any information on the services we provide, get in contact with a member of our team today – we’ll be more than happy to help!


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