Pest control for the manufacturing industry

When pests are present in factories or industrial manufacturing plants, there’s a high risk of contamination of products and stock. Not only can this affect employees and end users, but, left untreated this can impact the reputation and success of your company.

To prevent infestations, and to remove any existing pests in your industrial premises, ClearFirst Pest Control provides proactive pest control services for the manufacturing industry.
Industrial pest control can help to prevent all manner of pests, from rodents to insects, stopping them from contaminating products on the production line or in storage. Through regular pest maintenance, we can help you create an environment which actively prevents the presence of pests. After each visit, we deliver in-depth reports covering the condition of your premises, including suggestions on what steps to take in order to prevent infestations.

Simply changing some working practices could eliminate the threat of certain pests. Through focussed, regular maintenance, the team at ClearFirst Pest Control can keep any manufacturing premises clean, with environmentally-led, innovative pest control methods.

To find out more about our regular maintenance works for manufacturing clients across Derby and the Midlands, simply contact our friendly team today.