Rodent Control

Here at Clearfirst Pest Control, we provide professional rodent control services to ensure properties throughout Derby and the Midlands are free from infestations quickly and efficiently. Whether they are gnawing through wood or chewing their way through electrical cables, rodents can cause major damage to your home, as well as posing a health risk.

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  • Mice Control

    As opposed to rats, mice are most commonly found inside homes, nesting in loft spaces, basements and kitchens. Tell-tale signs of mouse activity in your property include:

    – Droppings
    – Scratching noises
    – Nests
    – Gnawing through cables or wood

    Here at Clearfirst Pest Control, we offer a fast, discreet service to eradicate any mice infestations using the most suitable methods available.

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    Mice Control
  • Rat Control

    Rat Control

    Rats carry a variety of diseases which can be easily passed on to you and your family in areas where your children play or where food is stored. While they are not usually found inside the home, if you do discover any evidence of rodents in or around your property, you must get in touch with us immediately.

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