Insect Control

Not only can an insect infestation cause significant damage to your home, there are also health implications associated with having these pests inside your property. If your property is suffering from an insect problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at ClearFirst Pest Control today and we can completely eradicate the problem.

With a wealth of experience in insect control, we can quickly identify the type of insect and where it is coming from, taking the appropriate action to eliminate the issue. Our head office is in Derby, and we have technicians throughout Derby and the Midlands.

It’s important to be fully aware of the most common pest problems and how they impact your health and your property, so you know what to look out for. Here at ClearFirst Pest Control, we also specialise in removing the following pests:

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  • Ant Control

    Particularly during the summer months, ants and flying ants can become a major issue in homes throughout the UK; the sizzling temperatures of a lit BBQ or the interior of a conservatory can encourage swarms of these pests. Other signs of an infestation can include ants flying from your fireplace or crawling out from under your skirting board. If this sounds familiar, our experts at ClearFirst Pest Control can help.

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    Ant Control
  • Bedbugs


    As the name suggests, bed bugs appear at night and bite you while you are fast asleep in bed. Business travellers and holidaymakers are usually most at risk of encountering these pests as they are easily picked up from hotels.

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  • Moth

    While moths are not a major nuisance, it’s actually their larvae which damages your fabrics (clothes, carpets, bed linen) by using the fibres to cocoon themselves.

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  • Carpet Beetles

    Carpet Beetles

    Similar to moths, it is the larvae of the beetles, not the beetles themselves, which cause the damage. Having typically originated from an old bird’s nest, carpet beetles can be found:
    – Feeding on your woollen or silk carpets
    – Under furniture which is difficult to move, such as a sofa or piano

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  • Flies

    Flies are a particularly unwanted pest, as they spread various nasty diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli. If left unaddressed, a small fly problem can escalate into a serious infestation, with certain species even biting humans.

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  • Mites


    If you have noticed birds nesting in or around your property, you must be aware that once the birds leave, their mites can become a serious problem. Usually one of the most common types of mites, bird mites can bite and cause skin irritation.

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  • Biscuit Beetles

    While they may have a pleasant name, biscuit beetles are far from pleasant. Similar to moths and beetles, it is not the biscuit beetles causing the damage, but their larvae. As the name suggests, the larvae eat their way through biscuits and other stored goods, and can originate from an old bird’s nest.

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    Biscuit Beetles
  • Cockroaches


    Not only do cockroaches carry dangerous diseases such as Salmonella, they can also breed at a very rapid rate, making expert treatment crucial to control the problem. If you have noticed a nasty smell from under your sink, behind kitchen appliances or in cupboards, your property may be suffering from a cockroach infestation.

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  • Wasps

    If disturbed, a wasp nest can be very dangerous for those who encounter it. If the nest is accessible, we can quickly remove the entire nest to eliminate the root cause of the problem. However, this might not be possible if the position of the wasps nest is unreachable; in which case, we can completely get rid of the wasp colony as part of our wasp control services.

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  • Flea


    Fleas are small, flightless insects that are usually carried by pets, pests and livestock. They can rapidly infest your home or business as they can produce up to 600 eggs a month. Fleas are known to bite both humans and animals which can cause irritation to the skin and even rashes.

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