Schools and Nurseries

Health, safety and hygiene are key elements of any educational facility. The presence of pests is a direct threat to all of these, so it’s essential that proactive pest control is employed to ensure infestations are prevented at the source.

At ClearFirst Pest Control, we provide thorough and discreet pest control for schools and pest control for nurseries, including both a reactive and planned approach to handle infestations as they occur, and to prevent infestations from taking place at all.

In a school or nursery, food is the main attraction for pests. Rodents are the most common, and they can be attracted by kitchens, bins or from lunchtime littering by children. Grassy areas, too, can attract wildlife whose droppings present a severe health hazard for inquisitive pupils.

At ClearFirst Pest Control, we take an in-depth look at your entire premises, and can provide ongoing advice and treatment to deter pests from gaining a foothold inside or outside of the property.

With annual maintenance contracts available – as well as one off response to infestations – we work throughout Derby and the surrounding areas to provide school pest control and nursery pest control with complete peace of mind.

To discuss our pest control services, simply contact our team today.