Contract Pest Control Work

Pest maintenance contracts are the best way to ensure that your business premises remains clean, hygienic and pest-free at all times. ClearFirst Pest Control provide regular monthly visits to carry out diligent pest maintenance services specific to your commercial environment.

When you arrange a contract with us, you can be sure that you’re receiving a proactive approach to pest control. Not only do we survey your premises for signs of pests – and remove any pests we find – but we also work to prevent future infestations by observing and inspecting your work environment.

From this, we deliver an in-depth analysis each month, providing reports to keep you fully informed of your pest situation and the planned preventative measures recommended by our trained specialists.

At ClearFirst Pest Control, we’re committed to the long-term preservation of your workspace. No matter the size or type of commercial property, our pest control technicians ensure a discreet and effective maintenance plan tailored to your requirements.

To find out more or to arrange a pest maintenance contract for your commercial premises, contact our friendly team today.