Car Parks

When you think of car parks, you probably don’t think about nesting birds, scurrying rodents or the damage these pests can cause. However, both single-storey and multi-storey car parks are the perfect environment for these types of pests, and their presence can not only cause structural damage, but can also present a health hazard to anyone who uses these essential amenities.

At ClearFirst Pest Control, we can carry out dedicated pest control for car parks across Derby and the surrounding regions. Whether it’s pigeons or gulls housed under ceilings, or rodents nesting in and around the perimeter of the car park, our skilled pest control technicians are on hand to remove and prevent pest infestations throughout the structure.

We can provide reactive services to remove infestations that have already taken hold, but the true value of our car park pest control work comes from regular maintenance.

Through proactive pest control, the ClearFirst team can identify potential issues which could lead to an infestation, and install preventative measures – such as bird netting – to deter pests in the future.

To discuss your specific requirements with us, don’t hesitate to contact us today.